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Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services’ Non-Destructive Testing and Analysis is the key to optimal building systems management. With this program, you can make the most informed decisions and achieve the lowest overall operating costs. If equipment fails unexpectedly, you can face down time and potentially inconvenienced occupants. With our Non-Destructive Testing and Analysis, you will know about potential problems before they become more costly, and at times, when they will not inconvenience you or your building’s occupants. All Non-Destructive Testing services are included as a value added service to all of our comprehensive technical support programs.
Eddy Current Testing
Eddy current analysis is an electromagnetic technique and is completely non-destructive. It is designed to detect, identify and locate signs of weakening in the condenser evaporator tubes before any leaks or failures occur. There is no dangerous radiation or hazardous chemicals involved with this technique. At Dalkia U.S. Chillers, we specialize in the inspection of installed heat exchanger tubing used in the Commercial Air Conditioning, Power, Pulp, Marine, and Chemical industries.
Spectrochemical Oil Analysis
Lubricant Condition: The assessment of the lubricant condition reveals whether the system fluid is healthy and fit for further service, or is ready for a change.
Contamination: Contaminants in the form of rust, dirt, water, and acid are the leading cause of machine degradation and failure. Increased contamination alerts you to take action in order to save the oil and avoid unnecessary machine wear.
Machine wear: An unhealthy machine generates wear particles at an exponential rate. The detection and analysis of these particles assist in making critical maintenance decisions. Machine failure due to worn out components can be avoided.
Vibration Analysis
The vibration data will be uploaded to a handheld data gathering computer and digitally transferred for analysis and a full detailed report.
Vibration analysis is an important tool that enables our service engineer to “look inside” the compressor and determine the condition of bearings, gears, and other rotating components.
Worn bearings and components will emit a distinct signal corresponding to the severity of the damage and the rotational speed.
Our sensitive vibration equipment can detect the signal and record it for diagnosis by a vibration engineer.
Thermographic Infrared Analysis
With heatsensing scanners and imaging equipment, we detect any abnormal temperatures or heat build up in your mechanical system. If present, there are signs that a system has problems.
For example, many building systems have electric motors which are costly to repair or replace. Our thermographic analysis will quickly spot the overly high operating temperatures that are the principal cause of costly motor-winding failure.
Thermographic testing also pinpoints such problems as loose or corroded electrical connections, deteriorating wire insulation, and inadequately lubricated bearings. This testing is a powerful tool for early problem identification and avoidance of potential breakdowns.
Our written report will include specific recommendations for correcting any detected problems.
Refrigerant Analysis & Management
Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services conducts analysis to check that refrigerant is clean and uncontaminated. With our refrigerant testing conducted by a third-party independent laboratory, we ensure that the refrigerant meets ARI 700 standards.
Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services keeps its clients informed regarding refrigerant issues and opportunities. We make recommendations based on equipment age and business objectives of a facility.
Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services uses recovery, recycling, and reclamation of your refrigerants to comply with current worldwide refrigerant legislation. Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services engineers are universally certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to perform recovery, reclamation, and recycling as per Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act.
Ultrasonic Water Flow Testing
Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services utilizes state-of-the-art Ultra Sonic Flow Meters with programmed software capable of measuring exact pipe thickness, exact GPM, as well as built in energy measurement features.
In-Depth Motor Testing
Motor failure and resulting downtime are usually caused by motor winding insulation breakdown. Regular motor insulation testing identifies insulation deterioration before failure occurs, permitting budgeted, scheduled repair.
We use meg-ohm testing as well as ATIV off-line rotor testing for issues such as eccentricity, broken/fractured rotor bars and casting voids to evaluate the condition of electric motors in your systems without labor-intensive disassembly. Our testing will reveal any weak spots in motor windings or the presence of potentially damaging moisture, both indicate winding insulation deterioration
We also evaluate starters and connecting wire insulation, perform Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA), which is an energized test method where voltage and current waveforms are captured while the motor system is running and then, via a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), a spectral analysis is done by our software. From this FFT, faults related to incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven load are detected and can then be trended for Condition-Based Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance purposes. Clients receive a complete written evaluation, with problem solving recommendations.
Energy and Environmental Services
Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services takes an overall system perspective to providing mechanical services. We believe mechanical service goes beyond routine maintenance and we offer many advantages. Our goal will be to define, develop, and deliver specific solutions to improve overall energy efficiency. By looking beyond the equipment room, U.S. Chiller Services will identify ways to control your operating and energy expenses as well as ensure environmental compliance and conservation measures are identified.
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