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Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services provides world class operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions to Chilled Water and District Cooling plants globally. Our focus on enhanced performance and efficiency ensures we consistently deliver high levels of availability and profitability for our clients. Our expert team optimizes the efficiency and performance of over 1,000,000 tons of Liquid Chillers, Chilled Water plants, and District Cooling plants ensuring the highest level of plant performance.
To prepare for our care, custody, and control of a plant, we undertake a mobilization phase. This ensures that the Dalkia U.S. Chillers O&M Solutions team has all the necessary skills, competencies, systems, and procedures to take full responsibility for the plant from commercial operation date.
Mobilization Activities include:
Establishing plant O&M organization
Staff training and development
Reviewing all plant O&M requirements
Plant familiarization
Installing and populating all systems i.e. maintenance management system and continuous energy oversight systems
Involvement in plant commissioning or re-commissioning
Establishing energy benchmarks for chillers, towers, pumps, KW/ton, and water consumption
Developing year one O&M plan and utility budgets
Full O&M services commence on the commercial operation date when we assume full care, custody, and control of the plant. The principal objective is to deliver the required plant performance that ensures achievement of the owner’s business objectives
Key activities during operations and maintenance include:
Day to day operations and maintenance, delivering world-class performance
Performance monitoring, diagnostics, and efficiency enhancements
Spare parts management
Overhaul management
Recommending retrofit solutions for plant energy improvement projects
Management of utility budgets and cost
Our Operations and Maintenance expertise allows us to uniquely position ourselves as a specialist plant O&M provider. Our excellent track record combines our chiller services perspective and energy solutions expertise with our commercially-focused, performance-driven approach. This ensures the successful delivery of O&M solutions which meet and exceed our customers’ goals for chilled water facilities or district cooling operations.