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Predictive and Preventive

Technical Support Programs
Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services offers preventive and predictive technical support programs to our clients for centrifugal, screw, and reciprocating chillers. We visit your facility multiple times in a year to conduct our non-destructive tests, ensuring that your chillers are in good shape. If we find issues with the chillers in our tests, we offer a variety of our centrifugal, reciprocating, and screw chiller services, potentially free of charge if you have a fully comprehensive technical support program with us.
Fully Comprehensive Technical Support Programs
Dalkia U.S. Chillers offers a Comprehensive Chiller Assurance Program to guarantee the proper operation of your chillers, completely eliminating expensive emergency repair cost. Under a fully comprehensive maintenance technical support program, Dalkia U.S. Chillers bears the cost and responsibility for all parts of your chiller. If a covered component within the chiller fails, we provide all the necessary parts and labor to repair or replace it at no additional cost. The replacement of components will be performed if worn, broken, or not within the manufacturer’s specifications. This program will prolong your equipment life and allow for continuous modernization of your equipment without additional capital expenditure. In addition, the efficiency of the operating equipment will increase, and you will have guaranteed accountability. Our fully comprehensive coverage will also reduce equipment life cycle cost as equipment replacement budgets can be redirected and used in other areas.
Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services will be responsible for all maintenance, repairs, parts, and emergency service on covered equipment. Under this blanket coverage, we guarantee that we will maintain your chiller in optimum operating conditions. Visit our Centrifugal, Reciprocating, and Screw Chillers page to understand some of the services covered under a fully-comprehensive technical support program.
Non-Comprehensive Technical Support Program
Under a non-comprehensive technical support program offered by Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services, we conduct multiple tests in a year to ensure that your chillers are functioning without issues. Our non-destructive testing methods – including eddy current testing, oil analysis, vibration analysis, infrared analysis, refrigerant analysis, water flow testing, and motor insulation testing – will give you a picture of whether the chillers are in good condition. Upon identifying any required repairs or upgrades, we notify you to pursue further action with separate charge.